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Thanks to everyone who showed up and played the game. We had seven teams compete, and all had a good time raising money for the Third Goal Film Festival.

Trivia Sets!


Trivia events are a fantastic way to host an evening of fun while spreading your message and generating funds for your organization. Our trivia sets save you hours of brainstorming, research and formatting. Shave time off your event prep, and free yourself up to focus on the other details!


Our trivia sets are impeccably researched and organized. Categories are a mix, with a strongly international flavor: general knowledge, etymology, geography, history, nature, culture, music, food, current events. Questions are slightly challenging, but not impossibly difficult. They’re solid questions for worldly people, with no filler.


Trivia sets come to you ready to go as PowerPoint presentations, and include 8 rounds of 8 questions + an answer slide for each question. The PowerPoint is unlocked, so you can add, remove, or customize content as you like. Each set includes a bonus sudden death round. All instructions are included, as well as the personal email and mobile number of our trivia-writer in case you have any questions or need advice.

Central Missouri RPCVs are SOLD OUT of the International Calendars produced by the RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison. The income supports overseas projects by Missouri PCVs and RPCVs. Thanks to our members and customers for supporting this fund raising project.

View a sample Trivia Question.

Central Missouri RPCVS Trivia Sets